Book review: Love You To Death – Season 5: The Unofficial Companion To The Vampire Diaries


Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee have once again outdone themselves with this detailed and in-depth guide to The Vampire Diaries Season Five. Love You to Death 5 provides fans of the hit CW show with behind the scenes information on the show, as well as interviews with production team members (Paul Wesley! Julie Plec! Caroline Dries!), prominent fandom members and a foreword by Kevin Williamson. This book is a real treat for TVDers!

As a fan of the show and of this series, I look forward to reading the entertaining and well-written episode reviews. Calhoun and Vee don’t miss anything, and I love learning about hidden gems, fun facts, shout outs to The Originals or the book series,and the explanation behind the episode titles. Usually I am too engrossed in the episode (or bawling my eyes out as one is prone to do with this show) so I sometimes miss the little things and appreciate the explanations and clarifications that I miss out on!

The ladies have done a tremendous job putting together a timeline that encompasses the entire history covered on the show, from Ancient Greece when the Travelers first brought upon the doppleganger curse to the present events and developments that are happening in present-day Mystic Falls, that helps piece together the sometimes-confusing timeline.

Everything that happens in each episode, like new mythology introduced, new history lessons, throwbacks to previous episodes and seasons, is featured in each episode review. Also included is a in-depth music guide that details every song used in each episode.

I looked forward to reading Calhoun and Vee’s comments each week on the Vampire website, and enjoy reading them all over again in LYTD. These ladies know the show inside and out, and provide entertaining and enlightening commentary in each review. It’s nice to read them and know that there are other fans out there who care about the show and it’s loveable cast of characters as you are.

This guide book, as well as the other books in the series, is a must-read for any fan of the show. With the ever-changing plots, the increasing death toll, complex mythology, and rich history on the show, this guide book is the perfect companion to any viewer.


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