This Weeks Read: Tomorrow’s Kingdom


This week we will finally discover the fate of our favorite characters from Maureen Fergus’s brilliant Gypsy King series in (what is unfortunately) the last installment of the series, Tomorrow’s Kingdom.

I’ve been reading this series over the last couple of months and was very excited to get my hands on this book! I can’t wait to delve into this wonderful world one last time and finally find out our many unanswerable questions. What is ailing Persephone? Who is the Gypsy King from the prophecy? Will they find the healing pool? And so many more!

This series has become one of my favorites (definitely in the top five!), because it isn’t often that I come across a fantasy series that keeps me guessing until the last page. I have no doubt that this book will not fail in doing just this, and providing a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to a fantastic series.

To learn more about Tomorrow’s Kingdom, and the rest of the Gypsy King series, visit Fergus’s website. Happy reading!


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