This Weeks Read: Fool’s Errand

This post was also published as an assignment on my website for my online journalism class.

I just read the first book in the series last week, and I loved it so much that I went out to get the second one right away! We were left with a plethora of information at the end of the first book, and quite the cliffhanger. I am so glad that I waited to read the first one so that I could start the second one right away! Alright, here’s my warning to stop reading this post if you haven’t already read the first book!

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So we left off with Azriel and Persephone being chased down by Mordecai and the Royal guards while the King is left reeling during his birthday feast after finding out he won’t be celebrating his birthdays on his own anymore. Persephone is his long-lost twin, and the actual heir to the throne! Wow that is a lot to be left with at the end of a novel, and it only increased my need to find out what happens next! Join me in reading the second installment in Maureen Fergus’s wonderfully written series this week. The book is available for purchase as a hardcover at major book retailers and you can learn more about Fool’s Errand and the rest of the series at Fergus’s website.


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