This Weeks Read: Forever Princess (and a little update!)

Hello everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, and I’m very sorry. School, work, and travel has kept me pretty busy the past couple of months. However, now that I’ve gotten myself organized and have some extra time on my hands, I am going to start posting each week again about the books I am about to read as well as some of my favorites that I hope you will consider reading yourself.

I also posted a few book reviews/mentions on a website that I had to create for a class assignment, so I will be posting those onto this blog over the summer as well.

Since it is the beginning of the week, I’ll start things off with this weeks read, Forever Princess, by Meg Cabot.

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I know that Forever Princess is the last book in the very popular Princess Diaries series, and that it came out a long time ago,  but I just recently started reading the series because they’ve been hard to track down in-store so I’ve had to order them online or read them on my Kobo. And in-between reading the rest of the series, I have also been reading other books so it’s taken me until now to finally finish one of my favorite series.

Since it’s the last book I don’t want to give too much of a synopsis since it may spoil the previous books. However I will include a link to Cabot’s website to check out the books for themselves. Each book in the series made me laugh out loud and fall in love with Mia (and her friends!), a teenager dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school, who also just happens to have found out she’s the heir to a small European country.

As a young teen I was a huge fan of the movies that were based on the book, but they pale in comparison to the highly entertaining series that Cabot has masterfully written. The series is definitely a must-read, and I encourage everyone to give it a try! After I’m finished with this last book, stay tuned to the Friday Favorite’s section as a more in-depth review of the series is to come!

Happy reading!

Also, if you have read any great books over the summer, please share them with my in the comments! I am always looking for book recommendations!



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